Dabbles Pattern Re-visited: Bloom Bouquet Template

On occasion, I like to jump on the sewing machine to make an article of clothing… This doesn’t happen very often as I need time to re-coupe from the previous project’s fail - in the interest of making new friends I won’t get into it.

On this particular occasion, a Colette pattern caught my eye – Jasmine, a nice looking blouse that I thought would look pretty cool with some flowers (from the Dabbles Bloom Bouquet template) stitched into the collar. Although the final result of this project didn’t look very crash hot on, I was really happy with the collar and wanted to show everyone how I did it!


Music to Make to: Disney

Ugly Bug Ball

Alright you love bugs, this one is for you! (minus the ugly).


Music to Make to: Adele

Hometown Glory (High Contrast remix)

For those in training to shadow box and make stuff at the same time. I’m workin’ on it.
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